Out of ideas to help your fuzzy friend during the teething phase?

Chewing is a common way puppies try to relieve their sore gums, and Bojafa Dog Teething Toys Ball provides your furry pal with something they can sink their teeth into that isn't one of your favorite pairs of shoes! This toy packs in the fun with its innovative design, including rubber bumps for added texture, which encourages playtime with your pup. The interesting shape also allows for an unpredictable bounce when thrown so that it won’t get boring and always keeps them engaged.

With this toy, you know that you are getting only safe materials for chewing on because we manufacture our products from durable food-grade rubber material—guaranteed non-toxic with no exposure to lead or phthalates. That means your beloved four-legged family member has nothing but pure fun while playing with their new bestie - the Bojafa Dog Teething Toys Ball.

Check out our website now and give your puppy plenty to chew on without worry today!

How We Choose the Best Dog Teething Toys Ball

It can be tough to find the perfect toy for your pup, especially when they're teething.

All puppies go through a teething phase, and it's important to have something to help them through it. Chewing on things is how they learn about their new world and helps soothe the pain of their new teeth coming in.

We've done all the hard work for you and found the best bojafa dog teething toys ball for puppy small and large dogs. Our top pick is the Chuck It! Ultra Ball because it's durable, bouncy, and fits well in a standard-sized mouth.

Bojafa Dog Teething Toys Ball for Puppy Small Large Dog

Combat Tartar Build Up: Keep Fido’s Teeth Clean & Healthy 

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Why I like this product

Your pup won’t be able to resist these entertaining balls that come in green and cyan with a light mint scent. Not only will they have fun playing, but their teeth will get a much-needed cleaning and care. Our tough and durable rubber is non-toxic and puncture resistant, making it healthier for them and longer lasting than traditional PVC or TPR materials.

Let your pup enjoy chewing on this toy without having to worry about any plaque or tartar build-up. It’s the perfect treat for new puppies and great for long-time companions alike! Get two high-quality balls in one pack so you can switch it up from time to time, keeping fetch sessions fresh with something new to explore. And you don’t need to worry about it being too tough for your pup; these toys are designed with extra care so that even smaller dogs can enjoy all the fun of fetching and chewing in complete safety. So take one home today and join your pup on the adventure full of vigorous playtime!

Why choose this product?

Does your pup need some extra love and a way to stay busy? Bojafa has the perfect solution with their Dog Teething Toys Ball. This toy is specially designed for your pup! It can be filled with treats or snacks such as kibble so that your pup can discover a surprise after every bite.

Additionally, this ball is a great tool for interactive IQ training games between you and your pet where they are forced to exercise cognitive skills by having to think about how to get their yummy rewards. Even better, it’s the perfect teething toy for puppies since it’s super-durable and mini-sized at only 1.8 inches in diameter.

So rest assured knowing that while they’re using this product, they are being gentle on their teeth! With Bojafa’s Dog Teething Toys Ball, you and your cherished furry friend will have hours of fun as they play together without destroying furniture or shoes!

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball, Medium

 Get ready for hours of fun in lakes and pools with ultra buoyant ball design 

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Why I like this product

Give your doggo an energy boost with this ultra-bounce ball that's perfect for hours of fetching fun at the lake or pool! Dogs love to chase after its lively bouncing, while its tough and durable construction can withstand all sorts of chewers.

Not only is it lightweight and buoyant, but each one also features a textured surface with a thick rubber core that's super soft and gentle on their mouths. So what are you waiting for? Give them another way to release some energy with this exciting ChuckIt! Ultra Ball - they'll love it, and thank you for it!

Why choose this product?

Whether you have a pup or a furry feline, this colorful medium toy is sure to bring endless hours of joy and entertainment. The Ultra Ball is designed for long hours of interactive play with strong bounce, durability for fetching, and portability for on-the-go fun.

Pets can also experience hours of enrichment and exercise, developing strong bonds between family members and their furry friends as they join in on the active fun. ChuckIt! has been trusted by pet owners since its inception—exceeding expectations with durable and engaging toys that are just right for every four-footed pal. Get ready to make lasting memories with your pets today with ChuckIt! Ultra Ball!

JW Hol Dog Fetch Treat Dispenser Puzzle Ball

Give your pet a unique chew toy that's made from patented rubber so it can stand up to tough use.

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Why I like this product

It's time to bring on the playtime fun with the JW Hol Dog Fetch Treat Dispenser Puzzle Ball! Dogs of all ages will love this multi-functional rubber toy – perfect for hours of interactive and enriching play. The patented rubber stands up to tough use, so it's great for tugging, fetching, chewing, and even stuffing with treats! Use your imagination and create your own games: from kibble-seeking puzzles to treat hunts.

And don't worry about safety – natural rubber is gentle on your pup's gums as they chew and teethe. So go ahead and provide your furry friend with ultimate fun with the JW roller ball! Get ready for jumping, bouncing, and rolling – your pup will have a blast.

Why choose this product?

This exciting new dog toy is designed with your furry best friend in mind, allowing them to enjoy interactive playtime both indoors and out. The unique design includes a ball-shaped dispenser packed with tasty treats that can be set up for an array of challenging puzzles and games that your pup will love.

With durable construction and long-lasting materials, this fetch treat dispenser will help keep your pup entertained while providing opportunities to build intelligence and problem-solving skills - without sacrificing their fun!

At JW pet products, we are devoted to creating items that will improve the lives of pets and owners alike - so what better way to bond with your pup than with this one-of-a-kind fetch toy? It's perfect for fetching, tossing & tug, chewing, and teething - there's something for every pup! Come check out this exciting new release from JW Pet Products today!

Pet Qwerks Flashing Interactive Chew Dog Toy - Medium

Get the toy that brings 18 unique sounds and lights to playtime

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Why I like this product

Your pup will love the Pet Qwerks Flashing Interactive Chew Dog Toy - Medium! This interactive toy is perfect for dogs who need a little extra fun and stimulation in their lives.

It's motion-activated, flashes and makes 18 different sounds, and it’s perfect for all kinds of pups, especially those with vision or hearing impairments. A great way to keep your dog amused, the Blinky Babble Ball can be activated when they breathe on it or if they walk past it!

Perfect for dogs of 12 to 25 pounds, it’s a self-amusement toy like no other! With this unique playtime companion, you won't have to worry about your pup ever getting bored at home again. So go ahead and treat your four-legged friend to this entertaining delight today!

Why choose this product?

Make playtime with your pup extra special with Pet Qwerks' Flashing Interactive Chew Dog Toy - Medium! This healthy, chew outlet comes pre-programmed with 20 hilarious catchphrases your pup won't be able to resist.

Crafted from strong and durable high-impact ABS plastic, this toy is built to last, even when confronted by the most aggressive chewers. When the fun's done, it can turn itself off and help reduce anxiety or prevent boredom in your pet. With this toy, you'll have peace of mind that your furry friend has a safe and supportive outlet for his natural instinct to play and chew.

So if you have a tiny teacup or goliath Great Dane, Pet Qwerks' Flashing Interactive Chew Dog Toy -Medium is just for pets. Not only will this toy provide hours upon hours of entertainment for your pup, but you can trust that you are buying quality from Petmate; a leader in pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and more.

KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber for Medium Dogs

Keep your pup occupied with KONG - the ultimate durable dog toy

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Why I like this product

Fun and healthy playtime for your pup! Give them the KONG Classic Dog Toy, made from natural rubber for medium-sized dogs. This toy helps satisfy instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation. Not to mention it also brings plenty of hours of entertainment!

Dogs need healthy play for their physical and mental development, emotions, and behavior--and this treat-dispensing puzzle toy is ideal for doing just that. Plus, it's great for chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom (for both you and your pup!), weight management, crate training, digging, and barking--now that's multitasking at its best! So treat your dog to the KONG Classic Dog Toy--both of you will be happy you did!

Why choose this product?

Ready to give your pup hours of fun? KONG’s Classic Dog Toy is the perfect way to keep your pup mentally stimulated and entertained! It's designed with durable, natural rubber for medium-sized dogs. Not only is this classic toy great for fetch, but it’s also incredibly versatile. You can stuff it full of yummy treats like kibble and peanut butter for an extra challenge - just freeze it for four to six hours before giving it to your pet.

Designed for average chewers, KONG's Classic chew toy has been recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide as one of the best durable dog toys around. What more could you ask for? And not to worry, the KONG Classic is dishwasher safe and manufactured using globally sourced materials right here in the USA! Bring home KONG’s Classic Dog Toy today and let the fun begin!

Dog Teething Toys Ball FAQs

What is the best ball for teething puppies?

The best type of ball for teething puppies is a Kong ball. Kong balls are made of rubber and have hollow centers, which makes them durable and perfect for puppy teeth. These balls also have an unpredictable bounce that will keep even the most active puppy entertained. Plus, you can fill the center with treats or spread peanut butter around it to give your pup more incentive to engage in playtime. 

Not only is this a great way to entertain your pup during their teething phase, but it's also helpful in teaching them self-control while they chew on something that won't hurt their gums. For extra safety, make sure you buy one that's specifically designed for dogs since regular playground balls aren't meant to be chewed on.

What is the best ball for teething puppies?

The best type of ball for teething puppies is a Kong ball. Kong balls are made of rubber and have hollow centers, which makes them durable and perfect for puppy teeth. These balls also have an unpredictable bounce that will keep even the most active puppy entertained. Plus, you can fill the center with treats or spread peanut butter around it to give your pup more incentive to engage in playtime. 

Not only is this a great way to entertain your pup during their teething phase, but it's also helpful in teaching them self-control while they chew on something that won't hurt their gums. For extra safety, make sure you buy one that's specifically designed for dogs since regular playground balls aren't meant to be chewed on.

What toys are best for teething dogs?

When it comes to finding a safe and appropriate toy for your teething pup, the most important thing is choosing something that won’t hurt them if they decide to take a bite. Many pet owners make the mistake of giving their dogs hard rubber chew toys that are too tough on the teeth and gums. Instead, look for toys specifically designed for teething puppies, such as those made out of soft rubber or textured fabric.

Are rubber balls good for dogs teeth?

Rubber balls can be a great tool for promoting dental health in dogs. The texture of the rubber helps to keep plaque from building up on your dog's teeth and gums, which can cause painful gum disease or tooth decay. Dogs enjoy playing with these toys since they are usually brightly colored and shaped like bones or other favorite treats. 

Generally speaking, rubber balls are softer than tennis balls, making them more suitable for younger puppies who may still have delicate teeth. Additionally, because most rubber balls have holes drilled into them, they provide airflow to clean the surfaces of teeth that would not otherwise be reached by brushing alone. Ultimately, rubber balls offer an enjoyable way for dogs to get their daily exercise while helping maintain important oral hygiene habits and keeping their teeth healthy!

Are Tennis Balls Safe for Dogs?

Yes, tennis balls are generally safe for dogs to play with, as long as owners take the necessary precautions. Dogs should not be allowed to chew on tennis balls, due to the potential danger from the hard fibers and small pieces that can tear off and pose a choking hazard. Additionally, some studies suggest that playing with a tennis ball could wear down your dog’s teeth over time due to its abrasive surface.

What dog toys don't break teeth?

When it comes to choosing dog toys for your pup that won't damage their teeth, look for products made from softer materials like rubber, plastic, fleece, or cloth. Toys constructed with hard plastic, metal, or wood may chip and break a dog's teeth. 

For extra protection against injury, consider purchasing plush toys with minimal stuffing and sealed squeaker pockets to prevent accidental ingestion. Additionally, Kongs are a great option as their sturdy rubber can withstand heavy gnawing without the risk of breaking teeth. Playspots from BarkBox is another excellent choice that is made of ultra-durable nylon material carefully designed to avoid sharp edges that could harm your pup’s mouth while they play.

Why is it bad for a dog to chase a ball?

Chasing a ball can be bad for your dog's health and should not be encouraged on a regular basis. First of all, chasing a ball can put a strain on the joints since it involves repeatedly jumping and pivoting to catch or pick up the ball, which can cause tendonitis or sprains in the elbows and shoulders over time. Even if your dog is healthy, it's important to limit such activity as too much running and turning could also increase friction between their paws and the ground, leading to callouses that may further slow them down in the long run.

What is the best ball for dogs not to choke on?

The best option when choosing a ball for your dog is to select one that is large enough so they cannot swallow it, but still small enough to fit inside their mouth comfortably. 

When shopping for a ball, it’s important to consider the size of your dog and the size of the ball - you should opt for something that has a diameter of at least 1.75 inches bigger than the length of your pup’s muzzle. For extra safety measures, look for balls made from softer materials such as rubber or fleece as these are less likely to cause choking hazards even if they do get swallowed by accident. 

Additionally, always steer clear from any balls with small parts like bells or beads as these present an increased risk of choking and potential swallowing hazards. Finally, ensure that you always supervise playtime so you can quickly take away any objects or toys which may become hazardous during play.

How many times should you throw a ball for a dog?

When it comes to throwing a ball for your dog, the recommendations vary based on the size and breed of your pup. Generally speaking, veterinarians suggest that you should throw a ball for dogs with high energy levels or breeds such as retrievers up to three times per day. However, if you have a smaller or less active breed of dog, then one to two play sessions per day should be enough.

Best Dog Teething Toys Ball For You

Dog teething toys can truly bring joy to both you and your pup. With the 5 amazing options above, deciding on which one to buy for your pup will surely be an adventure.

We highly recommend any of the options, but if we had to choose one, we think the Bojafa Dog Teething Toy Ball is a great choice as it offers the right balance between affordability, quality, and entertainment. Whatever toy you decide on, know that taking time out of your day to shop around for quality dog teething toys will pay off in the long run.

By choosing your pup's teething toys wisely, you can make sure they stay safe while they explore and play with their favorite toy ball!

And don't forget to tap the button to check the best prices on Amazon Today!Thanks for reading and happy shopping!